Egg-less Cookie Dough

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 4.33.00 PM (2)

When you need something sweet, ya need something sweet! The hubby and I recently had a mega sweets craving, but our freezer was bare (well…you know, filled with frozen veggies and tilapia filets). Cue Egg-less Cookie Dough! We had mini chocolate chips and all of the usual baking fixins (flour, salt, brown sugar, butter, milk). […]

Guide to Leafy Greens

Leafy greens

You had me at ‘leafy greens.’ This infographic from One Medical Group came through my inbox, and I just had to share. It has some great info on why to eat, and how to cook & prepare, leafy greens like spinach, collards, kale and swiss chard. Enjoy! Health tips and medical advice from One Medical […]

SOCHI Circuit Workout

Sochi circuit workout

Want to get into the Olympic spirit? Try out my Sochi-inspired circuit workout with speed skaters, snowboarders, Russian twists and more. If you’re not familiar with these moves, here are a few quick vids: Speed skaters Snowboarders (aka squat jumps. You can rotate 90- or 180-degrees) Russian twists with medicine ball Mountain climbers Superman lifts Ski […]

Does the Temperature Affect How Many Calories You Burn Running?


Ever wondered whether running in extremely hot or cold (like January in Chicago!) temperatures affects your calorie burn? Read on (blog post also found here). Running in extreme temperatures may increase calorie burn, according to the American Council on Exercise. In very hot weather, the body uses extra energy for perspiration to keep cool. In […]

The Importance of Eating Fat for Weight Loss


If the word “fat” invokes visions of brownies, butter and loosening belt loops, you’re not alone. People often attribute the fat they eat in foods to body fat. In reality, not all fats are created equal, and some are essential for good health. Healthy fats are also helpful allies for people looking to lose weight. […]

RECIPE: All-American Apple Pie


Many Chicago apple orchards open their doors this week, a surefire sign of fall. Apple picking is always a fall favorite for me. It’s also a great excuse to make homemade apple pie! Here’s my recipe (tweaked over the years) for good, old-fashioned apple pie. There are so many ways to customize the recipe, too […]

Hotel Room Workout Circuit

With all the summer travel, I’ve had to get creative with my workouts. It’s too easy to use lack of gym equipment as an excuse! I prefer body-weight type exercises anyways (no real equipment), although I am obsessed with my 12 lb purple free weights. Here’s a circuit workout that I created in my Vegas hotel room. […]

Love Your Heart

Do you love heart health? You should! Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for women, and it kills five times as many women as breast cancer (source: It’s a startling and sobering statistic. The good news? Heart Disease risk can be significantly reduced with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Check out the […]

Supercook – For Mere Kitchen Mortals gives you recipes based on the ingredients in your pantry. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to cook but can’t always get to the store for special ingredients. Simply start adding the ingredients that you have, and Supercook aggregates a list of your options from sites like, and What about gluten-free? […]

Post-Baby Bites: What to Eat After Childbirth

Baby toes!

Babies, babies, everywhere! Between Kate, Kim and my very own newborn niece, baby fever is upon us. We know how it goes: First come marriage, then comes baby, then comes intense media scrutiny about your weight. Weight loss, especially celebrity weight loss, sells magazines. But if we’re talking about what-to-eat after babies, let’s do it productively. […]

Top 10 Health Foods

Top 10 Health Foods

Call them ‘Superfoods’ or just the cream of the crop, these are my Top Ten Health Foods of All Time. Or at least in the year 2013. I’m holding out hope that someone, someday will stumble across a chocolate chip cookie recipe that holds a candle to these superstars. In no particular order: Blueberries Salmon […]

Baked Versus Broiled

'Broil on' isn't quite as catchy

So you can bake. But can you broil? If you’re like me, baking is second nature by now. The grooves of my oven’s dials are practically stuck on the ‘Bake’ setting. ‘Broil,’ however, is getting lonely (second only to ‘Clean,’ which has given up entirely). Are we all missing out on crispy goodness? Broiling can […]